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都のまちなか・四条烏丸エリア。そのすこし路地を入ったところにひっそりたたずむ、築年数不詳(昭和のはじめには すでに建っていたそうです)の京町家をお店として使わせていただいています。




10:00~18:00 木曜定休 (Closed on thursdays)​


is in the central area of Kyoto,Sijo Karasuma. Where you entered the alley, an old Machiya-house standing quietly in the place.

The floor in front of the entrance is a general store. You can go up to the tatami room and choose your kimono carefully while trying it on.

The 2nd floor is the men's kimono and fabric stock floor.

The store is also as an atelier, so the staff are making things while looking after here. We don't talk much other than "Konnichiwa" greetings, so please take your time and watch at your own pace. If you have any questions, we are happy to help!​

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